Fox Magic Audio Recorder

Fox Magic Audio Recorder 1.00

Record sound from various sources as WAV or MP3


  • Can record from several sources
  • Saves recordings in WAV or MP3
  • You can schedule automatic recordings


  • Configuration menu is too simple

Very good

Fox Magic Audio Recorder is a very simple recording tool that can capture the sound from a wide variety of sources and save it to MP3 or WAV formats.

It's especially useful when you want to save your old cassette tapes and vinyl records to a digital format, or if you want to record your favorite show in an online streaming radio station.

You may also use it to record your own voice for presentations, to add a voice track to a video or simply for fun. Just select the source and sound device, pick a format, give the file a name and start recording.

The program features an easy configuration menu that lets you select the quality of your recording by selecting the BPS, the bitrate and also choosing between mono or stereo.

A very interesting extra tool in Fox Magic Audio Recorder is the possibility to schedule recording: simply choose the start and stop times and the program will work on its own.

While a few more configuration options would have been great, this simple tool can be very useful for certain recording tasks, including the digitalization of your old disc collection.

Fox Magic Audio Recorder records sound as MP3, WAV files. It is capable to use various audio devices/audio inputs for recording. You can generate file names automatically or manually, play the recorded files in the internal audio player, start/stop the recording on timer event, adjust audio setting, adjust the audio volume, and more.

Fox Magic Audio Recorder


Fox Magic Audio Recorder 1.00

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    No good.
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